The Fish Doctor: Taking Care of the Little Dr.Fishes

Fishdoctor Janine Lee Katigbak JaspertI am JANINE LEE Katigbak Jaspert, the Fish Doctor of AQUALIFE JASPERT.

Growing up with my parents who are among the best breeders of Kangal Garra rufa fishes, gave me the knowledge and skill in breeding and cultivating the genuine Kangal Garra rufa fishes known as the Doctor Fish or Little Dermatologists.

I have learned to sort out and select the best and healthiest Kangal Garra rufa breeders to ensure a continuous supply of excellent quality of fingerlings.

Regular monitoring and evaluation of our fish production to maintain a constant supply Kangal Garra rufa fishes are among my tasks.

The interest, time and dedication that I have invested in this kind of work gave me a good edge or advantage among my contemporaries.

I love my work and it inspires me to do even better to make sure that AQUALIFE JASPERT maintains the status as one of the most reliable and best supplier of high quality genuine Kangal Garra rufa fishes.

We guarantee the excellent quality of the Kangal Garra rufa fishes we produce as we personally breed and cultivate them.

With utmost care and intensive studies, we have perfected the breeding and rearing technique of these amazing Kangal Garra rufa fishes through out the years.

Fishdoctor Janine Lee Katigbak JaspertFishdoctor Janine Lee Katigbak Jaspert