Deconal® Disinfection Products

Aqualife Jaspert markets high quality Deconal® Disinfection Products that will open up entirely new options for the Fish Spa industry.

Deconal Desinfektionsmittel

  • Deconal® is scientifically tested and confirmed to be a highly effective disinfectant.
  • It is an all-purpose high-purity biocompatible disinfection solution that does not require any additives.
    Because of its neutral pH value, it is gentle and also comprehensively skin compatible.
  • Deconal® is non-toxic and is guaranteed safe for humans and garra rufa and the environment.

Deconal ist eine hochreine, biokompatible Desinfektionslösung.Deconal® Disinfection Spray is sprayed on skin before submersion of body part in the pool/tank for treatment.
That way it prevents bacteria, fungi or viruses from humans getting into the water. Deconal® Disinfection Spray is non-toxic and has no harmful or irritating effects on the garra rufa fish.
Because of its neutral pH value, it is gentle and also comprehensively skin compatible.

Deconal® Hydrogel Skin Care is applied and massaged into the treated skin areas after the fish spa treatment.
This non-allergenic gel is residue-free and has an effective germicidal protection.

Deconal® Disinfection Solution is used to disinfect the water and the garra rufa fishes in it.

Deconal® Disinfection Solution is added regularly in suitable doses as a ready-to-use solution.
Continuous application of Deconal® will effectively reduce the microbiological exposure of the fish.

It can also be used successfully for cleaning and disinfecting various tools and equipment such as pools/tanks, buckets, scoops, nets, etc. among other things.
Deconal® Surface Disinfectant also works effectively on the edges of tanks, seats, armrests and other various surfaces related to the treatment areas so contamination or any other hygiene issues no longer represent any type of risk.

With Deconal® Disinfection Products, where a high standard of hygiene is important, whether be it personal, in spa zones, in therapy, salon or other treatment areas, can surely and confidently be achieved.

Deconal® is a registered trademark of MAV GmbH Germany

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