Miss JU-Dr. Fish Spa Design

foot bath moduleMiss JU-Dr. Fish Spa Design is an easy to install foot bath module made of high quality and robust plexi-glass material integrated with bio-mechanical filtration and ozone filter technique for maximum cleaning efficiency.

The design embodies style and elegance, fitted with equipment and accessories from high quality brand products. The filter system is designed to keep the water in the module clean, safe and contamination free.

foot bath moduleFor health reasons, we consider it absolutely necessary to use industry grade water containers for individuals to use in Fish spa.
Aqualife Jaspert and the Local Health Department share and agree with this same opinion.

foot bath moduleThe Miss JU-Dr. Fish Spa module is calculated and manufactured to hold the right volume of water, the ideal number of fishes and amount of space for human and fish interaction and optimum performance and result.

With the Miss Ju–Dr. Fish Spa Concept, you can now offer and guarantee your clients/patients an efficient and hygienic foot spa.

Ozone (O3) and the use of our Miss Ju-Dr Fish Spa Design

Ozone (O3) is the strongest, non-chemical oxidant.
If introduced into the water it eliminates impurities of all kinds, so bacteria, viruses and fungi are killed effectively.

This produces pure oxygen (O2), which our Kangal Garra rufa fish, particularly benefiting. About the so-called redox potential can be measured and control the purity of the water.

Advantages of the Miss Ju-Dr. Fish Spa Design

  • Made in Germany
  • All compactly in a confined space (tank, filter technology, seats, etc)
  • Quick Installation and Connection, with assembly instructions in German or English
  • No complicated piping longer necessary
  • Not break like glass basin
  • No leaking silicone seams, which can eventually lead to problems
  • Warranty on all technical equipment
  • Easy to maintain, especially the filter area
  • Professional supply of fresh water by the integrated system in the fresh water filter. No more problems with chlorine or contaminated fresh water
  • Special ozone filter technology, which ensures a hygienic water quality and at the same time it is harmless for the Kangal Garra rufa fish
  • Because of the special ozone filter-technique, pure oxygen in large quantity is added to the water, no additional air vents is longer necessary
  • Rotating, absolutely hygienic seat
  • Built-in protection. For safe and relaxing fish session

Miss Ju Dr. Fish Home Spa

Miss Ju Dr. Fish Home Spa Design

And for those who want to enjoy and have their own private fish spa module, we recently launched the Miss JU-Dr. Fish Home Spa Module, a more compact and portable design, made of the same plexi-glass material and fitted with the same bio-mechanical filter system filter.

This is intended for Home/privat and commercial use.
It can be used both for hand and feet.
Miss JU-Dr. Fish Spa Modules are compact, efficient, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Miss Ju Dr. Fish Home Spa Design

Miss JU-Dr. Fish Hand Spa and Miss JU-Dr. Fish Body Spa will also be available soon.
Contact us for more information and details about the Miss Ju-Dr. Fish Spa Modules and Miss Ju-Dr. Fish Spa Home Module.

We will be happy to answer your queries and serve you.