Kangal Garra rufa is the Genuine “Doctor Fish” or sometimes referred to as “Little Dermatologists”, which is originally from Kavak Deresi, in the thermal basin in Kangal, Turkey.

Kangal Garra rufaThe natives of Turkey have used and are still using the Garra rufa fishes to cure skin diseases as well as refresh their skin for more than 200 years. Many have been written about the wonderful Kangal Garra rufas. And pilot study was made in year 2006 at Vienna in Austria.

These Kangal Garra rufa fishes are used for beauty and as medical regimen.
The Kangal Garra rufa fishes nibble on the dead layer of skin in order for the new skin cells to regenerate. It was reported that the Kangal Garra rufa is the most efficient in treating and/or alleviating certain skin ailments such as psoriasis.

It's a key to fresher, younger skin without the use of any cosmetic products.

More and more people around the world are convinced of the amazing results these Kangal Garra rufa fishes can do on the skin. A growing number of Wellness / Spa ,Therapy Centers have already these Kangal Garra rufa fishes in their program. Even Beauty Salons and Nail Studios are now using them for their hand , foot spa and body spa.

Nowadays, more people buy these Kangal Garra rufa fishes also for private use.
Having the treatment at their own Homespa, which they share and enjoy with their family and friends

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Kangal Garra rufa Premium granules

We have our own Formulated Fish Food Granules

To be valuable, doctor fish get active and healthy in the long run we must extend them the right, animal feed.

After years of research has managed the company Aqualife Jaspert to create a feed which makes regarding the diet of Kangal garra rufa fish, no compromise.
This special granular pellets are made ​​exclusively from natural raw materials and is guaranteed free of chemical additives.

Slowly sinking, it allows, to include doctor fish their food in different water layers.
Added to this is that this particular, Kangal Garra rufa granules expresses can be fed sparingly.

Garra rufa Premium Granulat Mix

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